Tuesday, 24 April 2018

He’s here!!!

so about four weeks ago my little man made his arrival.
Garrett Joseph Edward Sanford weighed in at 7 lbs 5 oz and 20 inch’s long.
He is amazing!!! I have been so inveloped in him! Hence the month after birth post hahaha.

So here’s my story. And bare with any typos I’m doing this on my phone.
Went on a Monday and got the foley bulb for dialation and sent home. At home it was fine until it was wildly painful. The next morning we got the call to come in for induction. Went to the hospital at 730 am and water was broken and medication start all by 8 am. Was 3 cm when I went in after the bulb and then after meds I progressed till 5 cm in a few hours. After that it stopped....... for 9 hours. Everyone was convince a c section was in order. I guess Garrett heard that and was like no way because as soon as it was decided they checked me and I was like 8. 30 mins later I was at 9.5cm. We called our midwives and parents and started pushing and hour later. An hour into pushing and he was here!!!!!
That the happy parts we won’t mention how my epidural started to warre off and how painful the whole thing was...... it child birth I think you get the idea.
Terry was amazing and right there with me for the whole thing. He cut the cord and put on the first diaper!!!! We both did skin to skin before we introduced our little man to his grandparents.

Anyway the last month has been a bubble of love and tiredness. But I would do it all again in a heart beat!!!
My son is amazing!!!
Love is not a big enough word to discribe how we feel for him.

So it is with great joy I share my sweet boy with you!

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

My crazy world

Hello lovies

I know I’ve been absent but here is why. So went to a routine midwife appt and had some high blood pressure. They followed up the next day and still high. They consulted with and OB and confirmed I have gestational hypertension. I’ve never had high blood pressure in my life!!!
But alas this meant I was immediately put off work till this baby boy comes and put on meds as needed. I am under strict instructions to not do much at all except go to all the millions of dr’s appts each week. So that mean life has been actually crazy there are so many appointments.
My blood pressure had been managed quite well actually and I have had to take very little medication. So I have been doing well seems the management cure for me was not doing my crazy commute and working at my stressful job.
Cut to this week. So it been decided that due to the hypertension it is safer for me to be induced a little bit early. So I will get induced soon. Probably in the next week or so.
So overall a few hiccups but babe and I are doing well.
I’m excited to see this little man and give him all the kisses I’ve got!!
Getting nervous about actually having to birth a human, but it’s really a blip in time and everyone’s mother has done it before me so I’m sure I’ll survive. But if you have a little prayer or two in there for me I for sure would welcome it!

Anyway that’s me! Maybe next time I blog it’ll be to introduce my SON!!!! That’s so crazy to say. I’m gonna have a SON sooooo soon!

Big love
Lots of blessings to you all

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

New project: Simple womens Daybook!

Been snooping around some blogs and discovered the simple women's day book. it's a neat and simple concept that is easy and fun. So i'm going to give it a try.

For Today

Looking out my window
It's rainy oh so rainy but NO SNOW!!!

I am thinking
About my baby of course. He is the only thing on my mind. and he make sure of it as he is moving ALOT today my belly is in waves!

I am thankful
For my Family. My sweet husband and my little belly boy and My sweet puppy Zoey waiting for me to snuggle her when I get home.

One of my favorite things
Cooking and planning meals. I have been snooping and pondering a few recipes today. I wish i had more time to meal plan and cook for my family.

I am creating
The baby's room!. I love to think of decorating ideas and am so excited i have been able to put them in to reality getting my little Mans room all ready for him.

I am wearing
Maternity Jeans (best invention EVER) A flowered top and black sweater over top.

I am watching  (getting ready to watch)
The new counting on season is starting soon i get pretty excited about it!

I am hoping
I can stay motivated this week and get some well needed things done. I have lots of appointments this week and so I'm praying for energy!.

I am learning
How to use my time wisely! Getting ready for baby takes alot of work i'm trying to get as much done ahead of time as i can!

In my kitchen
Sour cream and noodle bake!! going to grab the ingredients on the way home and make a big batch and freeze half for when we have a newborn and no time to cook!

Post Script
This is where i got the recipe for the Bake i'm going to make. I love to peek around her site. so much to see.

Shared QuoteProverbs 31:25 She Is Clothed in Strength and Dignity and She Laughs Without Fear of the Future

Loving this one recently

A moment from my day

Got these bad boys back from the Photographer today!

Closing Notes
Wishing you love and Joy today. I feel like i want to send everyone a spritz for citrus freshness into your lives today!

Want more info here you go!!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Pet peeve

Ok I’ve got to address this one. I may be being over sensitive but it just something that struck a cord with me and I feel I need to speak out about it!!!!
A friend of mine posted this meme on Facebook when I stumbled by it.
I can’t post it ...... my phone is not cooperating lol
But it said
“Who is harder to raise the kids.... or the husband”

I get sooo enraged when I see this stuff. Last I check my husband is a grown and raised man. And in no way would I be partners with anyone whom was not fully raised. I just hate this stigma like as the wife you somehow have to mild a man to be the person you want him to be like a child.
First just no I married a man not a child simple as that
Second who in the world would want that out of a life partner. I mean if you have to create the person you want to be with... are you really with the right person.
Third how ignorant to assume as a wife you know what’s best for a grown man??? I mean he’s grown if he wants to change he will just as I would it’s just called living as a full adult I believe.
Forth how disrespectful to marry someone and assuming they are not good enough yet so you have to “raise” them to be something else.

It’s just so irritating!!!

Here what I believe.
My husband is a full and wonderful person whom I love and support.  His parents raised him as mine did me. I fell in love with a man not a picture of a possibility that I could mild into something I think might be worth my love. And as an equal partnership WE will raise our children together and not each other! I love and respect my husband and appreciate the wonderful things he adds to my life. He also returns this love and respect to me. Neither one of us trumping the other.
I hate that society supports this beat down of a mans respect and intelligence.
I don’t know I could just be going off on a tangent but there you have it. So it’s not a sweet posative post but it just gets me right in the bothers lol.

Thank you for listening

Monday, 12 February 2018

Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone hope you all have been keeping well.

Feburary has been a crazy month so far and promises to continue to do so on our end. Let me update you a little.

So first SNOW SNOW SNOW last week it pretty much snowed a ton each day. I had to take a safety day of work as to not commute. honestly Terry and I got a huge chunk of work done in the babies room that day so it was a blessing.

On Saturday we had our first of 3 (plus a work on for just me) baby shower. It was a small gathering with Terry's family and a few friends. It was sweet to see everyone so excited about our baby boy coming. Here is a picture of us cutting the cake Terry's mom made.  That little smiley face is covering up the sweet drooling of our niece who was no so patiently waiting for her piece of cake. Hey when your 2.5 and there is gifts and cake it's a day to party I can understand her feelings hahah.

You know whats really funny I bought this shirt online and when I got it I loved it (still do). I thought it made me look so cute and pregnant at home. But in looking at this picture I don't really look pregnant in it at all. hahahah I swear there's a big belly in there lol. I'm 33 Weeks tomorrow so there's no hiding it now! I love my belly! We were very blessed by Terry's Mom, Brother and Sister in law (And Our niece of course) as they went together and got us the Travel system we had registered for. Which helps a ton!!! those things ARE NOT CHEAP!! And honestly the car seat is the only real thing we need to bring our boy home from the hospital so its a real relief to have it and puts a Mommas mind at ease. We were also gifted some sweet clothes all little and cute. A newborn Glass bottle set which was on our registry as well. We got some toys and decorations for his room. All wonderful and Sweet that our Boy is so loved.

We have a holiday weekend coming up this weekend and so our friends have made plans with us to celebrate Terry's birthday along with another friend as Terry is only a week older then him and they are best friends. so we always celebrate together. there birthdays are at the end of March and  we are due April 3rd so we are celebrating early ahahha. We are going Bowling so that will be fun. then the next day My girlfriends and I are going to the movies and dinner just for some fun.

This week though I have a much needed dentist appointment and....... MATERNITY PHOTOS!! i'm excited for those but an racking my brain on what to wear. thinking I'll do my hair similar to how it was done at the shower and in that picture. then the weekend after this one is Baby Shower #2 with all our local friends. It will be fun We always do a good job for each other so I suspect a love and laugh filled time. I know a few friend I haven't seen in sometime are coming as well so it will be great to visit with them as well. Then two weeks after that my side of the family is having a shower. I know that's in March but still it's not far away. Then after that will be my last week of work before maternity leave. I am taking a year off and due to Terry's military retirement set up he will be off too so we will be able to be a family for a whole year just the three of us!! Well four I can't forget Zoey!

So really it's boom boom boom then baby!!

I have started packing my hospital bag and washing the clothes for baby that we are taking to the hospital. but still have so much to do. Terry will be 100% done renos in his room in the next couple of days so we can set it all up with the crib and such and can start making sence of what used to be our house. Once we get that all cleaned up we will feel way more prepared and settled i think. Well I'm praying we will anyway.

There is so much mind space that goes into having your first baby I tell ya. you are all probably bored of my baby ramblings but it's the only thing on my mind at all anymore. Sooo really I have nothing else to talk about hahahahah.

Any tips and tricks i'm open to as always!!  Lots of love and I want to hear all that's going on in your lives too!!

thanks for tuning in!

Love always Christine

Thursday, 18 January 2018

I have to ask

So i know i have already posted a crazy pants new mom panic blog this morning but i got a grip and i need to ask my readers this.
I will start by letting you know i Made a list and sent it to my best friend letting her know i'm going crazy and she offered her help with a few items and her husbands help with some bigger items lol. then i broke down the list of what i need to do what terry needs to do and what both of us need to do.
why less stressful this way.

One of my jobs was to stock up on essentials for the house eg. dish soap laundry soap toilet paper etc. 10 mins and a visit to later most of that list is done and being shipped to my door lol.
Next is a bigger task

Make up some Freezer meals!!!!!
For when the little mister arrives so we can throw them in the oven and still be happy and healthy.
I looking to do a few breakfasts, lunches, and dinner, and some snacks.

snacks i will do a few batches of muffins and loafs like banana bread and such good grab and go items.

Diners i can come up with a couple shepherds pies, chili, spaghetti sauce.

Breakfasts i have no idea!! and lunch is though to. I'm thinking maybe a few soups?

So i thought to looks some up. i looked at a few trusted blogs i love and found one or two but then i thought. i'm sooooo not the first one to do this. Maybe just maybe i have a reader or two that can help me out.

So my wonderful friends and readers. please please please help this crazy Momma out. and trusted freezer meals that are fairly healthy and cheap that i can do up to feed my and my hubs while we are navigating the chaos of new parenthood???

Let help a momma out maybe ???
Love you all


Mixing growing babies in the third trimester and well general life hahah.

So here i am 29 weeks along.
Third trimester hello how ya doing. Like clock work there are a million changes aches pains and difference then the previous two.
Baby showers are coming up, i'm way less mobile, i'm tired all the time, in constant pain of some variety (each day is a new adventure in that journey) and the house.... well still not even close to ready.
But I think this is how it's supposed to feel.
Everyone keep asking are you ready??? I just answer "Not at all but he will be here and we will make it work."
I'm excited to meet him but so intimidated but the life that follows. I know I can do it and people do it all the time. As well I have a very supportive family and husband and people do it ALONE in way worse situations then I have been blessed with!!! But still so intimidating.
other then that Life is good lol
work is crazy as i'm trying to get everything wrapped up to go on Maternity leave for a year ahhahah. Just don't want to leave my replacement in a mess to have to deal with.
So that has been adding to me being so drained. I'm trying to get it all done this month so that next month I can kind of relax and focus on home.
Half of the nursery is painted and looks great.
I think the goal for this weekend is get stuff out of the house that doesn't belong there. We have a dresser and a desk to get rid of out of the babies room. One being donated to a local thrift store and one being given to a friend. This way it'll help us clear that room to finish painting. then to install the floor. Then we can put hing in it like I dunno a crib lol.
Might be needed lol.
Honestly my brain is set on nesting I think but i'm at work all the time and not at home to do it!.
It's all stuff people can't help with either lol.
Everyone keep offering but it just not that time in the process.

Here i am complaining and ranting but we will work it out and it will be fine. It always is and does.

We are so blessed that both terry and I will be off on parental leave for a whole year together. it's just the way life worked out and we are sooo blessed to share that with our son. We will never get that again i'm sure.

I'm feeling overall ok and Mister is kicking me all the time. So excited to see what he looks like.

Any one have any advice for this last stage of pregnancy and getting ready mode???
I'm listening with open ears because i have no idea what i'm doing hahahah.

Love a ranting Christine